3 PDF Tools You Must Know About

If you work with PDF documents on a daily basis here’s 3 must have tools that you should know about.

Reduce PDF file size

Emailing a PDF to somebody or sharing it online? Make sure you compress the PDF to reduce its size. I’ve had files into 100MB that could be compressed to few MBs without any noticeable difference.

Best candidates for compression are book scans and presentations that include a lot of images.

Protect PDF with a Password

If you’re planning to post a PDF document containing sensitive information online consider protecting it with a password, even if it’s to a secure cloud storage like OneDrive or Apple iCloud.

Download Sejda Desktop and use the Protect PDF with password feature to encrypt the PDF document with a password.

Merge PDFs generating a Table of Contents

Make your PDF merge bundles easier to navigate by generating a TOC based on the files being merged.

Good luck with your exam!

Good luck with your exam!

Research your IT exam and pass it like a breeze

The secret is out: you can prepare for your IT exam or certification and train with real brain dump questions. 

These are questions that were recorded by people who took the exam and shared it with others. Or simply leaked questions from the tests.

How to find them

Google or DuckDuckGo can help you. Search for:

  • <certification name> prepare pdf
  • <certification name> study guide
  • <certification name> brain dumps

How to use them

Go through as many questions as you can. Always check your answer with the one that is given as the correct choice.

There’s a high chance that you’ll see the same question when you take the test.

If you’ll get a different question, its likely that it’s very similar to one that you already saw.

Good luck!